The Rev. Suzanne WolfenbargerA Message from the Rector

Peace and blessings to everyone,

The past few weeks I have been reminiscing on the 162-year history of Trinity Episcopal Church.  When I enter our sanctuary, I am always intimately aware of all the saints and sinners who have in the past walked the aisles and offered many prayers which have saturated our walls.  As you have heard me say on more than one occasion, there is no rule book on how we will continue to be the Church during this pandemic.   I am sure that this is not a new concept, for with every new beginning, even including the early church, the followers of Jesus struggle with defining who and how the people of God moved forward within and beyond their communities.   But even without a rule book, I am thankful for the Book of Common Prayer which has helped us to move forward these past months with its ancient prayers and liturgical offerings of marking our seasons, especially meaningful in a world where time seems off balanced and fragmented.   

For now, we are still practicing patience and giving thanks for what is yet to come.   We have been working diligently to provide professional media quality for our online community and we have been blessed with technical specialists, the creative input of our Choir Director and choir members, beautiful arrangements from our Altar Guild members and  ushers who have been safely directing the flow of in person worship.  Our current services can be viewed on our Facebook page and on our YouTube link posted on the top of this page.

I am thankful our parishioners continue to pray for our congregation and community at large.  Recently, a small group has taken this call to prayer to the front steps of our church and are gathering in person for Compline each Monday and Thursday at 6:15PM. We are committed to praying daily for the upcoming election. In addition, we have continued to use our Facebook page with creative educational offerings, important announcements, and other news concerning our community.  In the next few weeks, we will be offering virtual classes ranging from Bible studies, Education For Ministry, and other classes to enlighten and bring joy into our everyday changing lives.

Please join us for worship each Sunday at 8:30 AM, 10:30AM in the church and Family Worship in the Courtyard at 9:30AM, or watch the video later.  If you would like to donate to our congregation, please click on the online giving icon entitled Online Giving further down on this page.

Please know that your continued prayerful support makes a profound impact on our faith and the future generations of our Church.  Thank you for joining us in both virtual and physical ways last Sunday. It was a gift to see some of your faces waiting expectantly to receive communion.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of you!

Sending Love and blessings to everyone,

Mother Suzanne+