Week of December 16, 2018

Today We Pray for Healing:
For everyone who is sick or in distress, especially: 
Blanche, Blake, Cathy S., Fr. Chris, Ciara, Cindy, Curt, DeDe P., Deborah Lee C., Dorothy, Dot, Duffy, Elizabeth M.,  Harmony McCune, Hope, Janis, Jessica, John, Johnny E.,  Kathy K, Kemmy & Ellen, Lillian C, Linda, Meg, Nancy H, Polly, Raymond N., Robert G., Sue M., Ted B., Vade G., Valerie A., and William.


We Pray for those actively pursuing Holy Orders as candidates or postulants. 
For all the saints of God, the clergy, and missionaries in the field.
We Pray for the safety of everyone endangered by war, esp: Matthew and Tyler.
We Pray for victims of natural disasters in our country, around the world.
We Pray for our youth, the educational system, and caregivers of children.
We Pray for victims and survivors of violence.
We Pray for Repose of God’s servants who have departed this life.
We Offer Thanksgiving:
For everyone celebrating a Birthday, especially: Carol and Clay.
We Offer Thanksgiving for our Blessings.
For everyone celebrating a Wedding Anniversary, especially Jon and Leah.
For every family expecting children, especially Jenny and Mario, and Amanda and George
For the birth of children. 


Revisions to the Intercessions should be directed to Mother Suzanne or Caroline in the office; they will be added to the spoken Intercessions after the bulletin is printed and added to the bulletin the following week. Thanks in advance.