Week of February 4, 2018

Today We Pray for Healing:
For everyone who is sick or in distress, especially: 
Anne Brunsgaard, Annie Reed, Annette, Austin Temple, Barbara,  Ben, Blanche, Braden Dodson, Buzz Scott, Carlisle G., Carole C., Carol Wells, Carolyn, Cathy Seymour, Fr. Chris, Ciara Moran, Cindy, Curt Harrington, Dan Deblieux, Deborah Lee G., Declan O’Toole, Delilah, Dot Knecht, Drew, Duke Dodson, Ellen, Elizabeth M., Gail, Gina Puls, Harmony McCune, Helen, Hope, Hurst & Jane, Janis Ross, John, Kathy Kohls, Kenny, Lauralee Webster, Lillian C, Linda Doherty, Mark Payton, Nancy Harrington, Pete & Norma Brown, Polly, Raymond Nicholson, Reggie Blackwell, Richard, Scott B., Steven Hines, Ted Baranowski, Teresa Wright, Vade Gordon, Will, and William.


We Pray for those actively pursuing Holy Orders as candidates or postulants, especially: Brooks, Garrett, Lauren, Lee, Meg, and Paul.


We Pray for those studying to be Confirmed, especially Sheridan Pesnell & Sierra Pesnell.


We Pray for Repose:
For God’s servants who have departed this life especially W.E. Mellown, and the peace and comfort of their loved ones.


We Pray for Safety:
For everyone endangered by war, especially: Matthew Pellegran.


We Offer Thanksgiving:
For everyone celebrating a Birthday, especially: Blanche Watkins (4th), Marian Keator (7th), Josh Davis (10th), and Haden Lentz (10th).


For everyone celebrating a Wedding Anniversary. 
For every family expecting children, especially: Katie & Jake Cooper.


Revisions to the Intercessions should be directed to Mother Suzanne or Caroline in the office; they will be added to the spoken Intercessions after the bulletin is printed and added to the bulletin the following week. Thanks in advance.