Welcome to our Guests!

We are so delighted that you are here visiting with us today. There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met yet! We will have refreshments after the service; please join us, we would love to have the opportunity to get to know you better. Please fill out one of our visitor cards available in the pew rack and give it to an usher, or place it in the offering plate. If you have not been here before, ask for a tour! We also have informational brochures in the narthex about our historic church.!

Upcoming Events

We will celebrate the All Saints Day on November 1st with a special service to commemorate this feast day. Please send any names of loved ones who have passed away to be remembered on this day to our office,148 Rue Touline Natchitoches, LA or call 318-352-3113.

Election prayers: We will be gathering on the front steps of the church for the next three weeks to pray Compline and for the upcoming election. We will meet Monday and Thursday evenings at 6:15PM.

Introducing Trinity Friend Pen Program: As this pandemic continues, many are feeling a little isolated from friends and loved ones.  If you would like to participate in the Trinity Friend Pen Program, we will partner you with another parishioner who also enjoys writing and receiving letters in the mail. Everyone is welcome to participate. All you need is some paper, a pen, stamps and a desire to connect with people through the mail. If you, or a loved one are interested, please contact the office at 318-352-3113 and we will pair you with another member once we gather all the names.

As we move through the weeks of this year’s stewardship ingathering season, I invite you and your household to pray and learn, taking these weeks to consider how your generous response to God’s call has been shaped by this community and the friends who gather with you. Thank you for being a part of Trinity and for your faithful, faith-filled gift to our annual campaign.

This year we are asking for every member to take part in our stewardship campaign by making a pledge. In addition, here are some other opportunities to practice generosity and participate in our congregation!

  1. Commit to praying daily for all of God’s children.
  2. Write weekly letters to our youth and our homebound members.
  3. Sign up to serve as Altar Guild, Readers and Ushers.  These ministries have been reconstructed to keep our members safe from the virus.
  4. Pray about serving on Vestry.
  5. Send birthday and anniversary cards to our members.
  6. Assist with Family Worship beginning Sunday, October 18th at 9:30AM in the courtyard.
  7. Practice missional outreach by checking in on your neighbors, text, call, or email someone you have lost track of in the past or recently.  Be a spiritual companion to someone who lives alone by committing to weekly check-ins.
  8. Practice missional outreach by giving to the food pantry in town and participate in creating a pop-up sacred space, (more information to follow). Join a group to discuss current world events which are impacting and dividing our local and world communities at large.
  9. Participate in a Zoom bible study and consider signing up for our yearly Education For Ministry educational program. Contact Mother Suzanne for more information.
  10. Offer your gifts in a Live Art Studio format such as reading poetry or a short story, playing or singing music, or baking bread just to name a few of the creative offerings we each could give—this could be offered on our Facebook page. 
  11. Share your ideas with our Vestry members about how we will envision the future of Trinity.
  12. Be a part of a disaster recovery team to assist in alleviating some of the chaos wrought by unexpected crisis.
  13. Host an online dinner party.  Details to follow!