Rector Search

Our Call

Trinity Church of Natchitoches, LA, is searching for a new rector who represents a pastoral tradition of caring and strong leadership, and who is enthusiastic about supporting the continued growth of a diverse, family-friendly congregation in a picturesque, historical setting.

In this Profile, we invite you to get to know our congregation, to explore our history, traditions, and spiritual vigor, and to appreciate Trinity’s current strengths as well as its challenges for the future.

We seek a rector who shares our desire for an effective partnership of ordained and lay ministry as well as our sense of religious commitment within our church, our beautiful and historic town of Natchitoches, and in partnership with our Diocesan leadership and worldwide missions. We hope that this Profile will enable our new rector – an individual of faith, ability, and passion — to understand what the worship of God means to us and to embrace our optimism and anticipation at Trinity’s bright future.

A Message to our Candidates

Thank you for your interest in the position of rector at Trinity Episcopal Church, Natchitoches, Louisiana. If you wish to apply for this position, please send the following documents, in electronic form, to The Very Reverend Ronald Clingenpeel,

  • Current Office of Transitions Ministry (OTM) portfolio. This is from the Episcopal Church web site and must be completed in full.
  • A one-page statement outlining your particular skills.
  • A list of three references, at least two of which are to be lay people (one of whom must be related to your current place of ministry). Please add contact information for each.
  • A one-paragraph statement as to why you are interested in leaving your current call.
  • A one-paragraph statement as to why you are seeking a call in Western Louisiana.
  • A two-paragraph statement as to your understanding of priesthood in the Episcopal Church.

The Very Rev. Ronald Clingenpeel
Transitions Consultant
For more information: 314-249-5908

You are also encouraged to contact the Search Committee Chair, David Zolzer, at any time.

David Zolzer
318-332-7855 evenings and weekends

The Diocese of Western Louisiana and the Trinity Search Committee will respond as quickly as possible to all communications.

The committee will begin reviewing and screening as soon as the candidate’s materials are received. Skype interviews will be scheduled after the screening process.

Thank you for your interest in Trinity Episcopal Church. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Search Committee

  • David Zolzer, Chair
  • Cindy Allen
  • Shauna Hicks
  • Micah Nicholson
  • George Rhymes
  • Tony Smith
  • Shannon Larche

A full copy of the profile can be downloaded here.